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1992-2011 Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis Cabin Air Filter Kit, Exterior

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Another first from Pony R Parts. This kit is designed to provide filtered air for the 1992-2011 Crown Victoria Exterior Cabin Air intake.  This kit installs in minutes and saves your HVAC system from degradation. Comes with a replaceable filter element that filters large dust particles, hair, odors, and unwanted filth that can cause your evaporator core to clog and restrict air flow.

Have you ever sat in an old car and the A/C system just does not seem to blow enough air? That is because over time, without an air filter element, dust, dirt, and other contaminants gets sucked up into the blower box and get trapped in the evaporator core clogging the passages and restricting air flow. This kit allows you to filter unwanted contaminants in your A/C system and as a result improves air quality, maintains system performance and increases evaporator core life.

 The Pony R Parts 1992-2002 Crown Victoria Exterior Air Cabin Air Filter kit has these great unmatched features:

  • - Billet Aluminum base construction
  • - Limited Lifetime warranty on non-filter parts
  • - Protects HVAC system from contaminant build up
  • - Improves air quality
  • - Increases longevity of HVAC parts
  • - Black Anodized coating for corrosion resistance
  • - Stainless Steel hardware
  • - Includes two stage filter with carbon layer

This kit filters cabin air when the A/C setting is on “NORMAL” (outside air). For filtered air with the “MAX A/C” setting, we offer another kit for that.

Here is an installation video.